Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"The Amazing Spiderman"


What fun!

If you like the Spiderman Series, then you'll love this one.

Now I'm smart enough, just barely, to know that my cup of tea may not satisfy others, but this episode, and there will be more (stay through the initial credits), filled my cup to overflowing

First of all, the story: the tale of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) - his parents and their untimely disappearance ... raised by  Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sally Field) ... his high school sweetheart (Gwen Stacy) ... and a good guy gone bad (Rhys Ifans) ...

We know the story, mostly, sort of ... but it's done exceedingly well, and for me, the acting is terrific. What's not to like about Martin Sheen portraying what he does so well - an ordinary working stiff with native wisdom and compassion ... and Sally Field, with some of the saddest eyes I've ever seen, yet with fire in her heart for her beloved nephew.

Andrew Garfield captures the slightly geeky character of Peter Parker, and then the thrill of discovering great abilities. Gwen Stacy is high school innocence and delight; a genuinely smart young lady who has an eye for this Peter Parker, even as he has an eye for her. They bring off the awkwardness of the teen years without being melodramatic - which says a lot about the directorial skills of Marc Webb who keeps things under control.

The music is superb ... heroic music as Peter Parker discovers his abilities and learns how to use them well.

But first, humiliate the high school bully (Chris Zylka) who may actually have some redeeming qualities after all.

And, of course, the proverbial Stan Lee cameo as the high school librarian ... you'll love it.

It was entertaining throughout, though at one point, I wanted the story to get on with it. But I think the director made a decision, the right one, to tell the story with detail and care. This is a movie, first of all, not just a showcase of special effects, monsters, all in 3D, which, by the way, is very well done, without overwhelming the senses.

As a summer action movie, it more than fills the bill - making up for summer's biggest disappointment, "Prometheus" ...

There's plenty of high school angst for the younger crowd, and love, too.

There's enough action for the testosterone gang.

And plenty of story-line for those who like good questions: 1) Can science solve our ills and woes? 2) Does science have its limits, and what happens when those limites are transgressed? 3) How does one use one's abilities? 4) If you're not the high school jock, then what? 5) How do we learn who we are?

Okay, 'nuff said.

Worth seeing?

You bet.

In the theater?

Yes, for sure. You'll want the big screen for this one.