Monday, March 5, 2012

"The Artist"

Wow, an impressive piece of movie-making.

A window into a time of transition.

A love story, with a young lady achieving fame in talkies, a famous man, a silent star, falling out of favor, her love for him, his pride that further drives him into despair, a fire, a dog and a "Bang!" ... and her love persisting, until they find a place where both of them can dance!

From the get-go, mesmerized!

Wonderful acting by Berenice Bejo with a smile that never quits, charm and energy, and, of course, a beauty mark - what a delightful role ... and her male counterpart, Jean Dujardin, a face, a hero, a dashing blade, with pencil-thin mustache and all.

And a fine supporting cast all around: John Goodman as a powerful director with a heart, James Cromwell as the always-loyal butler, and a host of other lesser and greater lights that fill the frames of this terrific tale.

My heart still belongs to the "The Descendants" and George Clooney.

But this is a piece of superb film-making, with a delightful ending ... and, of course, Uggie, all dog, and all hero.

Don't miss it.

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scott davidson said...

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