Friday, February 23, 2018

"Black Panther" & "Call Me by Your Name"

Two movies this week ... "Black Panther" last night and "Call Me by Your Name" on Wednesday. Each, in their own way, offering a perspective not ordinarily given in mainstream film.

"Call Me by Your Name" - a gay coming of age film, reminding me of "Summer of '42" (1971, a boy and an older woman).

"Black Panther" - a story, a hero (not always super, but full of integrity and struggle), a nation, technology, hope - from the heart of Africa ... not the "heart of darkness," but the heart of light and promise.

"Call Me" dragged a bit ... a 30-minute film stuffed into a two-hour bag, or so I thought ... but perhaps the time is needed to represent the slow and uncertain movements of love and discovery, in that fine summer time in Italy.

"BP" was a bit disjointed at times, but it's a gigantic story well told, with so much promise for future Marvel tales ... and, of course, always fun to see Stan Lee's cameo. Be sure to stay for the mid- and post-credits scenes.

Both films open new doors to the audience ... doors much needed, because on the other side, a whole world awaits.

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