Sunday, May 6, 2018

"American Socialist: the Life and Times of Eugene Victor Debs"

Thoughtfully done ... lots of information, good footage and stills ... informative and provocative ... Debs was a man of compassion, kindness, intelligence, determination, and faith. He understood history, and knew the heart of America, and cared for it, as few have done. He was willing, at all the turns of his time, to put himself on the line, and pay whatever price was demanded of him

This was a chance for America, but big money went to work, as it has always done, sullied the word "socialist," hounded and jailed men like Debs, violently broke strikes, and did everything that big money can do to alter perceptions and change the course of history, and that was that.

Dazzled by the glitter, America chose another path, and what a price the American People have paid.

A very discouraging docu for me ... just how stupid we are, with our silly self-reliance delusions, and our willingness to throw one another under the bus, along with our environment.

Believing that Big Money really cares about us.

While Big Money laughs all the way to the bank, because the wealthy will never allow anyone or anything to diminish their wealth.

If you want to be disturbed, in the best kind of way, check out this terrific documentary.

That God would grant us leaders like Debs.
Oh, LORD, I pray.

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